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Frost Hardy

All of our plants are grown without artificial heating. We allow the cold and frosts to have their way in winter. If it dosn't survive our harsh conditions it dosn't get sold.


All pictures on this site are of plants we have grown ourselves, some pictures do not quite have that professional look but you can see what you are getting. My photography skills are getting improving so should be better pictures this year


We use the Royal mail and UPS, all plants are send bare root as pots can cause terrible damage in transit. We dispatch Mon and Tue to avoid any holdups in depots over the weekend. When you receive your plants pot them up or plant out asap, at the very least remove the packaging and check the roots are moist.

All Grown Ourselves

Everything we sell has been grown from cuttings or seed in an unheated greenhouse before going outside. Nothing bought in and sold on, all our own work.

Collections and Local Delivery

If you are local you can collect from us, we are just a propagating nursery with no sales area or opening times so message first to arrange a time. If you live in Weston-super-Mare or surrounding villages, text or message for free delivery on orders over £20. Please message before going to the checkout so I can alter the postage costs.

As the workload is so great I answer all emails, messages and texts when I can so please do not take offense if I don't answer straight away.

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About Us

Having spent many years growing tomatoes and flowers in my greenhouse at the bottom of the garden I took over the lease on a nursery in 2015. With only half a clue what to do next I've spent the last 6 years discovering what I can grow and what I can't grow. It's been a long hard journey so far but have now a lot of plants that I'm proud to call my own. I'm constantly growing new stuff so check the website as new plants are ready. As we are only a small setup we do not grow in vast quantities, usually a few hundred or so, please don't get too annoyed if we run out of a line, just message me and I'll grow more.

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