Cyclamen hederfolium 'silver cloud' with white flowers. Seeds (50)

Cyclamen hederfolium 'silver cloud' with white flowers. Seeds (50)

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Size when mature - 10cm

Light - shade - partial shade

Soil - damp or dry but with good drainage

Flowers - autumn

Temperature - fully hardy


Fresh seed with full germination instructions on my YouTube channel. Caution!  very addictive hobby. Not to be confused with the florist varieties that are used as house plants Planted out in a shady spot or under a tree they will self seed and spread over the years. Coming from around the Mediterranean they choose to flower in the autumn when the weather is cooler. The flowers come up before the leaves as can be seen in the pictures. Bone hard they will stand frost. The foliage is quite varied in shape with silver grey leaves giving good ground cover once a patch in quite large. If grown in pots water sparingly when the plant is dormant to prevent rotting.