Agapanthus grown in 1 litre pot

Agapanthus grown in 1 litre pot "Blue ribbon effect"

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Size - 1-1.5m
Light - Full sun
Soil - dry
Flowers - Summer
Grown from seed in 2016 they have been in an unheated greenhouse for the winter that was at its coldest -8c. Coming from Africa they like a bit of protection against the winter months, a layer of mulch or bark will do it. Once established they will take quite a hard frost. Forming clumps of arching leaves they may take a year or so to flower, but well worth the wait. Growing to about 1-1.5m and flowering in summer, good in pots or planted against a south facing wall. Letting them become pot bound will promote flowering and as you can see from the bare root photo this is what I have done. The picture of the bare root plant not in flower is what we are selling here. After flowering chop off the flower stalks at the base as this will allow the plant to put energy into growing roots rather than seeds.