Dierama, "Angels fishing rods" in 2 litre pots

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Size - up to 1.5m
Light - Full sun
Soil - Rich well drained
Flowers - Summer
Temp - Hardy (-10c)
Also known as Angels fishing rods these beautiful evergreen plants do well in pots or the ground. They like well drained rich soil, so if your soil is a bit clay like incorporate some well rotted compost and grit. Full sun is also important, they will tolerate some shade but may not flower as well. When the flowers come in the summer they are on long, arching wand like stalks, therefore the name fishing rods, the angel bit probably comes from the ethereal nature of these beauties. My photos really do not do these flowers justice. From seed they take 3-5 years to flower. The ones I have for sale here were from a 2015 sowing. Maintenance is just a case of cutting off dead leaves at the end of the year. After a few years a sizable clump will form than can be split, the plant may take a few years to flower again though. Although evergreen they can look a bit sorry for themselves during the winter months, see pics,  don't worry they put on new growth in early summer.