Anomtheca laxa (freesia laxa) seeds (40)

Anomtheca laxa (freesia laxa) seeds (40)

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Flowers - Summer

Light - full shade or partial shade
Soil - any with good drainage
Temperature - hardy in the south of the UK, lift and store over winter if in the north
Size - 20-30 cm

Originally from Kenya and South Africa they like a shady damp spot, good for under planting  trees and shrubs.

They do equally well in the ground or pots and I have found them to be quite drought resistant. If growing in pots or containers water sparingly when the plant is dormant to prevent rotting.

The flowers appear in early summer followed by the opening seed pods of bright red, jewel like seeds until the start of autumn. Will self seed well forming drifts if that's what you are after, just a bit of weeding in spring will stop them spreading.

They die back to the ground in winter reappearing in early spring. You will receive 40 seeds, store in a dark, frost free place until used.