Agapanthus grown in 5 litre pot

Agapanthus grown in 5 litre pot "Blue ribbon effect"

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Size - 1-1.5m
Light - Full sun
Soil - dry
Flowers - Summer
Grown from seed, now in a 5 litre pot, these are real monsters. Coming from South Africa they like some protection from the cold so cover with mulch in winter for the first few years until a good clump has grown, it should cope with down to -7 by then. My Mum places an upturned flower pot over the plant during the winter months, it dies back only to spring back to life the next year. Flowering in 2017 for the first time from a 2015 sowing these are magic, flowers 1.5m tall in many shades of blue, some with quite distinct striped petals. Check out the pictures, I have taken some of the plants in the winter to give you an idea of what you will receive if bought over the winter months. Some agapanthus are completely deciduous so have no leaf growth in the winter. Just plant out the root stock and wait until spring.