Bomarea hirtella seeds (10)

Bomarea hirtella seeds (10)

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Size - 2m

Light - partial shade

Soil - well drained and moist

Flowers - summer - autumn

Temperature - hardy

These climbers come from central and south American jungles. Being perennials they die back to their potato like roots each winter (see photos) however if kept above 5'C they may remain evergreen. The flowers start appearing in May and continue until the colder weather arrives in November. After flowering seed pods form and split to reveal bright orange seed. I dry out the seeds and plant them in spring. The roots can take a -5 frost so plant out in a sheltered spot with good drainage. A bit of protection for the first winter is a good idea but deep roots avoid the frost. They prefer morning sun rather than midday or afternoon so against an East facing wall is ideal. If you are growing in a pot use a big one and feed regularly during the flowering period. Sow the seeds at any time of year, although a spring sowing will bring the most growth that year. Just follow the video if you are unsure of what to do. They can take a few months to germinate so patients is required. They are deciduous so don't worry when they die back at the end of the year.