Cyclamen Cilicium (scented) grown in 1 litre pot

Cyclamen Cilicium (scented) grown in 1 litre pot

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Size - 10cm

Light - partial shade

Soil - damp or dryish

Flowers - late autumn

Temperature - fully hardy


Cyclamen cilicium have the most delightful scent, planting them in places where you get a lot of people passing (garden gate or path) will ensure everyone gets to experience these beauties.  Flowering in autumn they follow the cyclamen hederfoilum flowers. Unlike cyclamen hederfolium cyclamen cilicium can be planted with cyclamen coum without either dominating the other, this is a good way of extending the flowering season until March. Although small plants they can look really stunning in large areas under trees with kidney shaped patterned leaves. Once established they spread by self seeding. The leaves die back to the corm for the summer, coming from around the Mediterranean they exploit the cooler months to flower and breed. We grow all ours from seed and bring them on in pots outside. The pictures show them in flower and also at the nursery stage. The ones I'm selling are 5 years old.